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90-60-90 – an ideal proportion or a mass psychosis?

90-60-90 it is not simple figures. It is the Standard of Female Beauty. An ideal proportion. The gold standard. Any girl knows: if at you such parametres – you an ideal. And it is not important, what growth at you – 150 see or 190; not very well, what constitution at you – graceful or a wide bone. The main thing – to correspond to treasured figures, and "indications" of a mirror and opinion of men have no objectivity.

When speaks Its Majesty the Fashion – Mind and Logic become silent. But we live in the free country, therefore we will safely state the alternative point of view, not being afraid to be dressed in a striped uniform from Кардена and hidden in a lock-up. So …

The phenomenon 90-60-90 speaks very simply: the standard of beauty of end ХХ and the beginnings of the XXI-st centuries are recognised … models. And now their painful leanness and standard, as at factory dolls, the sizes – the conventional sample for imitation. But who has invented the formula 90-60-90? Who has forced girls of all world to transform itself(himself) into a type of the prisoner of a concentration camp to reach this standard? The exact answer is not known by anybody, but on it the account is available some interesting hypotheses.

Elementary laziness. To sew on thin after all it is much easier! What for to complicate to itself work?

Aesthetics: All know, that the long narrow dress looks very beautifully and elegantly in itself. The fashion designer creates a dress for the sake of it, instead of clothes which will decorate the girl as should be in an ideal. It creates a collection as the composer a melody, and girls occupy in system of its values a supporting role – the executor, the tool, a live dummy.

A live dummy. How you think, on what journeymen "lead up" masterpieces of fashion designers? On the standard dummy having the parametres well-known for the whole world 90-60-90. These figures (90-60-90) history Whence undertook holds back, but as figures very much, to a disgrace, круглы (any other parametres of a female figure it should to measure, basically, in millimetres), arises a logic conclusion, that it not a notorious ideal proportion of female volumes, and is simple the sizes as much as possible approached to averages and "fixed" on convenient figures. Probably, to occurrence of it of "the gold standard we are obliged to simple hard workers-engineers who, projecting a standard modelling dummy, have simply decided not to trouble itself and others with thin calculations.

So, the fashion designer has created a collection of the masterpieces. What now it is necessary for it? Correctly – the live dummy as much as possible corresponding on parametres "dead". By such criteria also select girls-models. Undersized girls look not so attractively-elegantly as high, therefore, to reach the maximum effect and to underline all advantages of a dress, the girl-model (on a professional slang "hanger") should possess necessarily except the standard sizes also high "modelling" growth.

CONCLUSIONS: If you in the future do not plan to become model – can safely send the formula 90-60-90 in a basket for dust. An ideal proportion of a female figure (if to use round figures): waist volume = 2/3 volumes of a breast and hips, and in any way differently. Exact figures (90-60-90 or any others), применительно to all women, irrespective of their type of a constitution and growth do not exist.

That the figure was beautiful on the present – is important not only proportionality, but also corresponding volumes, which for each growth and constitution type the different. More all has carried in this plan to the women having a thin-boned "graceful" constitution; they, having the gold standard, look charmingly at any growth (though for undersized 90-60-90, frequently, already search). The average type ("sports") already gives notable disorder: the undersized possess a figure-dream (all at it), high – the fine-moulded elegant figure inclined to leanness (this type well illustrates the majority of models). If to squeeze at size 90-60-90 quite attractive woman ширококостного type (especially - high growth), – the pity show which will be attractive only in лесбийских circles will turn out.

Thoughtlessly to follow a fashion never costs. You will not put on yourselves a thing which, even being ultrafashionable, to you does not go at all? Your body is too in any measure a dress which, being "is altered" by you in inappropriate volume, only will reduce your appeal. Search own for "the gold standard, consulting not only with a fashion, but also with a mirror, not forgetting to take into consideration opinion of men - true judges of female beauty

Design: Mari-Koala